We use only the finest quality materials

We offer a quick and efficient solution to cutting a variety of different materials to your exact specifications, from large basic shapes down to small and intricate designs. We keep a wide range of high quality sheet materials in stock at all times, which allows us to process most requests instantly.

Our sophisticated CAD/CAM nesting software can quickly upload your drawings or files and nest parts for the most efficient sheet use, guaranteeing the best possible utilisation of materials and helping to reduce costs and eliminate unnecessary waste for everyone's benefit.

All our materials can be supplied with full certification and traceability, ensuring our customers recieve the highest quality end products using only the finest of materials.


Our materials toolkit:

Our large 1.5m Dual Pallet laser cutting machines are capable of handling a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Acrylic 1.0mm-15mm
  • Aluminium                     1.0mm–12mm
  • Brass                                 1.0mm–3mm
  • Mild Steel                       0.3mm–20mm
  • Stainless Steel               0.3mm–15mm
  • Galvanised Steel             0.9mm–3mm
  • MDF                                1.0mm–25mm
  • Wood -
  • Fabrics -

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